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This Week with Gabe!

What a wonderful week! I want to thank everyone for the thoughtful emails, posts, and comments supporting Gabe and his company. It was a busy week for everyone I am sure, and I hope we are all taking the extra second to appreciate the loved ones around us. We received some heart breaking stories this week from families who lost their loved ones and the difficult and incredible journeys they have endured.  Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers and Kristie and I cannot imagine how difficult it would be for a family to lose a loved one. 

Gabe starts school next week and has made incredible progress over the summer break. Besides all the credit going to Gabe, some credit should go to Kristie for being the most amazing mother and her limitless patience with our children. Gabe’s speech and word use is progressing wonderfully and he continues to surprise us more and more each day with the things he says. We have been working on discussing what we did during the day and yesterday he replied “Gabe the Babe shirts.” As he has been helping us prepare the orders and ensuring that everything is up to his high standards.

Our children’s newest game to play is pretending to cook and serve each other food. Kristie and I have been laughing because Lottie asks what kind of soup we want, and then regardless of what we say she will reply with. “We do not have that kind.” Then she will return to the pretend kitchen and make the soup and give it to Gabe who then announces, “Gabe LOVES this one!” The trick for Kristie and I, is to get this transaction on video. Our sweet children have a tendency to stop doing the adorable things they are doing and being to pose for a picture, which is also adorable, but we miss some of the beautiful moments we would love to capture.