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First Day of School

Time flies when you’re raising three under three and number four is on the way!  Since we last chatted Gabe has completed his first week of school and is halfway through his second. Gabe’s teachers and classroom assistants have been great and Gabe has been loving school. The first day of school was an emotional roller coast for both Kristie and me. As we left Gabe at school that first morning, I was filled with an immense sense of pride for the wonderful and beautiful little man that Gabe is becoming. Gabe continues to amaze us every day. Gabe has the biggest heart, is the friendliest little boy, and it going to change the way the world views people with Down syndrome.  Kristie was sobbing when we dropped Gabe off at school that first morning and since then things have been better for her. Kristie, Lottie, and Maggie usually spend their mornings going to the park or the library while Gabe is at school.  Gabe did great with the drop off, saying “Bye” as the four of us walked out of the classroom. Yes, Kristie, Lottie, Maggie, and I all went to drop Gabe off at school. The classroom included a variety of learning areas as well as a play kitchen, number and letters on the walls, and a bathroom and sink. On the first day, the teachers were nice enough to let us walk him to his classroom. As we walked away, Gabe had already started making new friends. Gabe is in an inclusive classroom without an individual aid. Kristie and I felt strongly about the importance of Gabe being in an inclusive classroom from the moment he started school. When Kristie and I helped create his IEP, our main goal was to get Gabe into an inclusive classroom.  For the first ten days of school, Gabe’s classroom has 7 students, two teachers and two assistants. The seven students all have an individual education program (IEP) and this time provides these students the opportunity to get familiar with the classroom routine. After the first then days, ten or more students will be added to the classroom, to get to a total class size of twenty students. Gabe is at school 2.5 hours Monday thru Thursday and he also has five therapy appointments each week. Kristie, Gabe, and the girls have a busy schedule! Kristie and I are scared to send Gabe to school, but we all know that sending our children to school is what is best for them, but it doesn’t make it less scary.  

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